Sign up for our free Fume Hoods Course!

Sign up for our free Fume Hoods Course!

Chip Albright |

Do you have anything to do with Laboratory Fume Hoods? If so, we can help you ensure that your fume hoods are performing safely. Fume Hood Certified focuses only on Laboratory Ventilation with an emphasis on Laboratory Fume Hoods.

As we embark on another promising year of research and innovation, it's imperative to revisit the importance of safety within our labs. I'd like to reintroduce you to Fume Hood Certified, your trusted partner in fume hood education, training and testing.

In 2020 I wrote a book “Laboratory Fume Hoods Explained” which is a holistic overview of fume hoods and the laboratory ventilation system that supports them. In the interest of education, we have converted the book into a FREE online course.

Not only do you get 100% of what is in the book, but there are also bonus sections.

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We're passionate about equipping the lab community with the right tools and knowledge to increase safety in the lab settings. This course is just a small step towards that goal, and we're offering it to you absolutely free!

Remember, knowledge is power. Equip yourself with the right tools and understanding to make a difference and be a safer fume hood user.