Understanding Face Velocity and Fume Hood Performance

Understanding Face Velocity and Fume Hood Performance

Alex Albright |

Look at the speedometer above.  It shows a speed of 55 miles per hour. But is 55 mph a safe speed?

Speed alone does not determine safety; the conditions do.

For example, if the driver is neither impaired nor distracted, 55 mph might be safe on an expressway.

However, on a winding mountain road, 55 mph could be hazardous.

In a school zone, we know that 55 mph is definitely unsafe.

This demonstrates that there is no direct correlation between speed and safety.

Now, let's apply this concept to fume hoods. The average face velocity, which is the speed at which air enters the hood, does not solely determine safe fume hood performance. Containment is the key factor. Just as with driving, there is no direct relationship between speed and safety in fume hoods. Face velocity is merely one aspect of containment.

True containment is determined by dynamic conditions in your lab. Since realistic dynamic containment testing was challenging, we developed the Tri-Color system to provide a more accurate validation of containment in the conditions that exist in your lab..

To give you a better understanding of Tri-Color works, we have prepared an overview video Click here to watch

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